Welcome to The Texas Biker Chef!  
We are a veteran owned business that not only provides catering services, we also do private chef events and pop up restaurants where we are a guest chef in your kitchen and you get to keep the sales from it!  Did we mention that we also have an award winning line of products? 
Our founder Chef Kevin Billings has over 25 years of culinary experience and has cooked for foreign dignitaries raning from the French Ambassador to the U. S to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  While in the Navy Kevin was the executive chef tothe commading officer of an aircraft carrier where he hosted numerous formal events for foreign and domestic VIP's but also lead the hosting of the Louis Vutton Cup Ball and hosted the Nashville Network as they filmed a concert special on board and was a White House Staff semi finalisti.  Chef Kevin has even competed on te Food Network's number one rated show Cutthroat Kitchen.  
No matter your needs, be it a BBQ or a formal affair Chef Kevin has the experience to make it a flawless event that your guest will talk about for years to come. 
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